Roni Horn aka Roni Horn

Roni Horn aka Roni Horn
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by Donna De Salvo, Carter E. Foster, Mark Godfrey, and Roni Horn. Essay by Briony Fer.

Over the course of more than 30 years, Roni Horn has developed a body of work of concentrated visual power, classical in its restraint, beauty and sensitivity to material. Horn's pieces invite conceptual engagement, though her practice defies easy categorization, and also elicit in the viewer a refreshed attention to matter itself, to "make being here enough" (as the title of a previous monograph put it). Her subtle explorations of the complex energies between object and subject have expanded the vocabulary of every medium in which she works. This slipcased, two-volume set accompanies the most comprehensive overview of Horn's work to date--which opens at Tate Modern in London in February 2009 and then travels to New York's Whitney Museum of American Art in November of that same year--and has been overseen by the artist herself. The first volume includes a plate section of works in the exhibition; the second volume, the subject index, is fully illustrated and includes texts on a variety of topics related to Horn's work by a host of prominent artists, critics, curators and cultural figures, alongside the artist's own writing. Whitney Museum of American Art and Steidl, 2009. Two volume set. 432 pp. Cloth.

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