Jeff Koons Ushering in Banality Service Platter

Jeff Koons Ushering in Banality Service Platter
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Designed by Jeff Koons

The remarkable industrial and artistic history of Bernardaud began in 1863 in the Limousine region of France. The province, located southwest of Paris, possessed three elements critical for the fabrication of fine porcelain: kaolin, fresh water source and forests.

Bernardaud perpetuates and diversifies traditional skills and techniques in the fabrication of porcelain and thus preserves a valuable component of the cultural heritage of France. The company continually reinvents the art, craftsmanship and fabrication of porcelain.

Jeff Koons says, "I was always intrigued by porcelain, by both the economic and the sexual aspect of the material. Porcelain shrinks in the oven, therefore, there is a tightness to the material. Porcelain was the emperor's material but today it has been democratized and everybody can enjoy porcelain. That's why for these qualities of its material being it is the reason I used it in the Banality series. I am really thrilled to be a part of the Bernardaud collection."

Fine Limoges porcelain manufactured in France with hand-painted gold enamel trim. Limited Edition of 4500. Not microwaveable. Dishwasher safe. Measures 15.5 inch long x 10.5 inch wide.

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